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Documented Internet Miracle – God on the WWW

Jesus,for all he has done for the world, I own him this qualification. He is the most famous man that the word had had.The son of the most hight God who suffered all for our salvation.

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Dear God, You Rock – Amen.

Every young man need God as God needs him.Theologie is whtat every young man need as course to study.

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Rafiou Lawani – FastPencil.

Tropical City Streets at Night

If you've never visited New york and don' know what is a campe in west Africa, this answer will be easily made.But a citizen of New zeland will try to know what a look like and campe man in west Africa will will like to discover New Jersey .Let all cities keep their qualities and let every one make his choise according to his benefices.As for me, I prefers this for my next journey after New York.Ah!Ah!

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Lafoensia – flowering tree

The best way and the one I do apreciate in photograqhe , is the panorama in which it was taken an the colors that designed it .I think you will see it here.

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Abandoned Church Bus June 06, 20101

What a Job was that ?It was the answer from me when I was told the choice made in my childhood but in real it was my choice!

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